The Nazis are enemies in Crack-Life.


Description Edit

The Nazis have

Behavior/Personality Edit

The Nazis from the original Crack-Life behave slightly different from there original counterparts, but are mostly unchanged. Crack-Life: Campaign Mode's Nazis behave exactly the same, even though they look different. They will attack Fordon Greeman by shooting powerful bolts of electricity at him, or firing gunshots at Fordan. When fatally wounded, the Nazis will run away from Fordon, and will kick punch, or claw at him when cornered.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being called "Nazis", the Nazis in Crack-Life: Campaign Mode do not wear any swastikas or signs of Nazism. To add to that, they wear Afros, a trait not found in most Nazis.
  • The Nazis work with Filthy Franks and HoH SiS, even though Filthy Franks are simply alien controllers with security guard heads, and HoH SiS are just alien grunts with security guard heads with grey/yellow pipes that shoot Doritos that say "JoJ". To add to that, HoH SiS is actually a YTP made by cs188 and does not include, indorse, or bring up any Nazism.

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