actually we are not paying you anything we are just gonna shoot you- first soviet line

The Soviets is an enemy faction in Crack life and Crack life campaign mode


soviets telling Fordon that they can see him

Description Edit

they are the principal antagonists of Crack life campaign mode, they are seen atacking black mesa for a powerfull chemical and fighting with the aliens.

they all talk in a weird way and have a normal arsenal

Arsenal Edit

MP5: their most common weapon they dont have the same power than your MP5

Shotgun: they rarely are seen with the shotgun from DOOM and these type of soviets are more powerfull

Pepsi nades: they shoot a class of grenade that is a Pepsi with mentos that will obviusly explode when open it.

Appearence Edit

they all have the same face of the Seargant from Quake 3 and its always white no matter the colour of the rest of their skin.

the rest of the skin is just the original grunt from half life.

Trivia Edit

  • they have a robotic and fake voice and its probably the enemy with most quotes.
  • they are one of the most seen enemies in the campaign mode.

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