The MP5 is a gun in Crack life and Crack life campaign mode it is known by it Big fire rate.


Description Edit

the MP5 doesnt changes too much visually but it is an OP weapon by some aspects like the Fire rate, the damage, and infinite ammunition.

it is consider as the best weapon in the whole game.

Appearence Edit

the visual aspect of the gun is not different in any way its litterally the same gun from half life something that is not bad at all

Used by Edit

  • Soviets: the only faction that uses this weapon, even knowing most of them use this weapon none of them have the power of the weapon the reason could be the fair game or a lazy progammer.

Trivia Edit

  • it is considered the perfect weapon for bosses and its so game breaking that it makes the game unfair.
  • It's unknown why the soviets cant use the power of the gun to the fullest but its an unimportant aspect of the game.