Gopniks are enemies from crack life and crack life campaign mode


Description Edit

they are white skinny people with black adidas clothes, a notable black hair and a purple eye which probably means that they had fought before.

they are the modified zombies from the original half life with a notable major change in sounds and appearence, they are extremely fast and have great speed attack.

Arsenal Edit

Gopniks only have got a baseball bat with all theyre versions and cant be picked up.

Ranks Edit

  1. normal Gopnik: less resistance but good movement and great attack speed
  2. hard Gopnik: big resistance and less movement but still great and with same attack speed
  3. Giant gopnik: only one is seen in the campaign its a boss fight even knowing the only thing you have to do is run and dodge his only attack and shoot him wih the MP5.

Trivia Edit

  • its unknown why they attacked black meat or how they get there.
  • they are based on russian gangsters with a good representation according to the community.
  • there are 3 ranks of Gopniks the normal one and the other 2 seen in campaign mode.
    • a hard gopnik
    • Giant gopnik

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