―FR Grunts

The FR (Fundation Repair) Grunts are enemies encountered in Crack life and Crack life Campaign mode that common to encounter

FR grunts1

killing FR Grunts in a boss fight

Description Edit

The FR Grunts are the alien grunts from half life with a barney head and the Foundation Repair sound clips that shoot some sort of orange things from a green weapon in the first crack life and shooting doritos from a dorito bag in the second one.

Arsenal Edit

in first Crack life they shoot orange things from a green weird weapon, and in the Campaign mode they shooted doritos from a dorito bag in both cases with a low damage result.

Origin Edit

apparently FR Grunts come from some sorta of alien ships or one unique ship that is an illuminati ship and a boss in the Campaign mode they attack the soviets showing that they arent on their side.

FR grunts2

FR Grunts fallin from an alien ship

Trivia Edit

  • their voices clips are taken from the Foundation Repair commercial but they will mostly repeat YA YA YA YA over and over again.

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